Is there an interface for viewing the statistics of a FF-router on Gluon?

Isn’t this what Alfred does, like a page that show statistics of connected/neighbouring nodes and such. Also how do you access it? By mistake I accessed a page like this, but then wasn’t able to get back to it ever again.

Not sure, if you mean this, but if you are connected to the FF network you can access the stats page directing your browser to the address of your local router, either IPV6 or IPV4.
In IPV4 the local router has the highest IP address of your network, e.g. assuming is your local IPV4 network

How would you find such an address. Network map?

Yes you can get it from network map for the IPV6 address.
I’m not sure to what degree you are usng the central services, but if you use a map server like this one:

You can select ‚Alfred‘ in the op menu and in the list generated on the next page click on a router name to connect to the stats page of that router.
If you just move the cursor over a router name, you’ll see the router’s address in the bottom line of your browser (true for firefox)

The IPv4 address for the clients is provided by the dhcp server.

In Order to determine the IP address of you local router, connect a PC either to one of the LAN prots of the router or via wireless.

Determine the IPv4 address of the device withe the command ‚ifconfig‘ (Linux) or ipconfig (Windows).

Then replace the last two numbers of the devices IP Address with 254 and you have the IPV4 address of your local router.


  • PC’s IP: Local router’s IP:
  • PC’s IP: Local router’s IP:

I meant a network map as in mapping a network, like a network scan. To be able to see all devices on the network :smile:

ok :wink:

Yes, of course you can do a network scan to determine the IP adresses.

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It seems to be working. I can access the status pages of both.

Congratulations then :smiley:

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Yep thanks. IRC is the best, got help from there. :smile: Thanks though. I have no networking knowlegde, I just do computer programming you know. :smile:

You mean in a /16 network would be the last possible IP.
In my case (Aachen) it’s

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Take a look at your corresponding „site.conf“ file. There is a section named „next_node“ which tells you the IP addresses, on which your router is listening. This is documented here .

For the Ruhrgebiet:

next_node = {
	ip4 = '',
	ip6 = '2a03:2260:50:1::cafe',
	mac = '16:41:95:40:f7:dc',
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