[ANNOUNCE] Gluon v2023.2

Hi everyone,

we are proud to announce that v2023.2 has been tagged. Our first Release based upon OpenWrt 23.05.

There are quite a few new and exiting changes. This includes:

  • the new mediatek-filogic target with quite performant and modern hardware
  • support of CAKE as QoS mechanism to mitigate bufferbloat (at least for now only with fastd)
  • a new way to manage included packages and features - the image-customization.lua in your site

For a full list take a look at the release Notes we prepared:


To help you with the transition from the old GLUON_FEATURES and GLUON_PACKAGES variables in your site.mk to the new image-customization.lua file we have collected a few examples in our Wiki:


As always, please also read all the Release Notes between your current release and this release.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in one form or another to make this Release possible!

If you come accross any issues we appreciate it if you report them:


Reporting them might not only help yourself but also others. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions there is always our chat: #gluon:hackint.org