Englische mehrsprachige Freifunk Webseite

(Ich schreib mal in Englisch, damit die dänischen geeks hier mit-lesen und -schreiben können…)

For the new danish Gluon Community Freemesh Denmark we need to create a multilingual Website in english and danish.

As far as I found out, there is a nice Wordpress installation for Freifunk Luxembourg.

If there is no better solution without PHP yet, I would like to copy the texts from there and adapt our template, we use in Freifunk Nord to support more languages.

Another solution would be to install a local Wordpress installation and mirror it as html only with

wget -r -k -l 1 --mirror http://localhost/wordpresssite

Any ideas?

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Have a look into a „Multisite Wordpress“ installation, the most basic thing is to have 3 sites one for the default URL (which gets redirected to the default language) and one for each language, which point to www.url.com / dk.url.com / en.url.com or www.url.com / URL.com - MediaOptions / URL.com - MediaOptions. Now its up to you how (if you want to) synchronize the sites and there are a hand full of plugins to do this. A good starting point is this tutorial for a Multisite Multilinual Wordpress Installation: http://wplang.org/wordpress-multisite-multilingual/

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Are you searching only for a way to make a multilingual website? If so, try TYPO3. Multilingual, an even multisite ist a core feature. In Pinneberg we have already startet to translate all German sites to English. All Configs are on github.

Cool, may i copy the Pinneberg page?

I am looking for an easy way to set up a whole community page in English in no time.

A site that i can just copy and change the title :smiley:

The Danish translation will then follow later.

Maybe some of you want to help setting the page up too?

Copy what you want.
Here is the main repo, it uses composer to download an install all.

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Thaks. With the permission of luxembourg, we copied their english content and started Freemesh Denmark on http://freemesh.dk/

everything is set up so the mesh is running now :slight_smile: