How to open CPE 510/210 stap by stap

Dear Sir,
I have two CPE 210, I need ripper this device how to cover open step by step, I did not find screw or lock thice device. any video clip have CPE 210 cover open step by step

I remember it being only one screw - @adorfer uses them a lot, he should know this.

Here is a youtube video.
Looks like there is no screw at all.

you have to use a knife to uncover the screws

nicht empfehlen kann ich die methode:
cpe aufrecht aus 10cm und mehr runterfallen lassen :smile:

im ernst passt auf das euch das nicht passiert die schraubenhalterungen sind sehr mau verankert und brechen quasie sofort aus und das board rauscht nach unten raus.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for send me mail. Sir I try but not open. sir how to performance this product, how to meter cover surface around or aria. how many height set this product. please help as soon as possible. Best Regards