I am starting a Gluon-based (Freifunk-based) network in South Africa

I have become very interested recently in mesh-networking and I thought that I should build one. So I stumbled upon Freifunk and then after that, Gluon, I am currently working on the whole configuration file and stuff like that, but yeah, I live in a little city called Worcester in South Africa. It is a very small city, which makes getting nodes up cheaper and easier and also there are some people in this town, interested in technology so I think that the whole thing will go well.

We have a site up here: Maxnet Mesh

And also an IRC Channel: #maxnetmesh

Firmware build scripts: The scripts page


I have seen that the I18N support for gluon is starting, so departing from gluon 2015.x there will be certainly some international language support.

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I was thinking of contributing some how, by maybe doing an Afrikaans translation. Even though my mother tongue is English.

There is an English file available here:

Start by forking the gluon repo and creating an African file. Then create a pull request.

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Will get to doing that soon. Thanks :smiley:

I like your Idea of creating a network which is seperated from the internet.

Please share your progress with us.

The most of our meshes here are organised with an uplink to the internet and also based on this internet connection.


I shall. Thank you. I will post a new thread on the forum when I have an update on the status of the network.

Does anybody know where you can get an open-source OpenStreetMap widget for a website.

Not very good for an embedded website widget though.

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I have heard of this. Thanks.

I was actually looking just for a plain map. Not a node map. But this is awesome.

Thanks ;D

Is there a design document or an outline of your goals or implementation?

I was wondering because Gluon is usually associated with communities that want to provide Internet access via a centralized VPN concentrator (for legal reasons in Germany.)

So if you are planning on a fully offline mesh network, is there any specific requirement that let you prefer Gluon over one of the other meshing Freifunk firmwares?

I was actually looking just for a plain map. Not a node map. But this is awesome.

For plain OpenStreetMap support, you can choose Leaflet and feed it with tiles by Mapquest Open, depending on what you are trying to do this may be easier than patching ffmap-d3

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I never knew that there were any other Freifunk firmwares, please enlighten me on these :smiley:.


Some firmwares have been built and are on the site. More firmwares coming tomorrow. And also don’t forget that we will be updating some of the firmwares that were available when this post was posted as they needed some improvements. Thanks and bye. :smiley_cat:

Have a look at Meshkit for OLSR-routing based firmwares.

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I’m not sure if your idea of creating „a 2nd internet“ and not to connect the nodes to the „1st internet“ won’t discourage people from contributing. For most people „The Internet“ is the most or even only important thing when it’s about setting up new nodes. You’d need a huge number of nodes to get „your“ net working. Connecting to the internet would not hinder you from offering own services on the Freifunk net.

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Will do. :smile: Thanks.

I see what you mean. But I always say to myself.

Create a second Internet. Wow dude thats a daunting task, you don’t wantbto do it, so if not you then who and if not now then when.

The current Internet is flawed and is not going to change any day soon.