I have a same question so i copied this topic again

I followed your link and ordered the WR841N from notebooksbilliger.de. Delivered was version 13.

As far as I understood the posts, there are (still) no firmware. Therefore, I would send the router back. Or would it make sense to wait a while?

Is there a price (in about 20-30 €) an alternative hardware?
thx all

Hello, Plesse send the Routers back, its best too ask your community which devices they use some dont likre the cheap wr841

Bitte Forensuche benutzen:

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@quanghieuci, which community are you from? Unfortunately, so many router models were upgraded, that is difficult to find a cheap one at the moment. If you want accept a second handed one, someone could sell you a wr841 with a revision somewhere between V8-12 which are supported.